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At Proactive Property Agents we think ahead for you.  We work with you as a team knowing that to have a successful sale of your property, to build your investment port folio is thinking ahead, both being on the same path with the same goal.

 When you work with Steve and the team they  treat each property sale or client they are working with as an individual, knowing that every client may have different needs, goal, budgets and deadlines.

Steve and the team work with you in a unique way to achieve your goals in property, whether it be the sale, the purchase or building your port folio..


The Areas We Work

The Proactive Property Management Agents work in three areas: Sales, Property Management and Investments.

Our Team are top professionals with an excellent history of success.  They treat each new property owner and property as unique and individual.


We can help you sell your property at the easy way at the highest price

Property Management

Proactive Property Agents take pride in their attention to detail when it comes to managing your property for you.


Every Client is unique in their investment needs.   We look for and guide you to the best Investment Port Folio that suits your needs

 Perfect Investment Property for You

Proactive Property Agents take great care and pride in finding the perfect investment property for you.

Not all properties will suit individual investors.  Steve and the team work closely with developers to ensure that they find the perfect investment property for you.  They help you build your investment port-folio for the future.  When you work with Steve and the team you know that they have your best interest at heart.

Take Time Out

Take time out and let us take care of all your Property Needs


Our team is ready and happy to discuss your needs today.

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    You are welcome to call to make an appointment and we can discuss your property needs.  We are passionate about property and ready to help you achieve the sale of your home.